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Offer-in-Compromise In New York

Tax Relief Help in Woodside, NY

If you are in need of tax relief help, then an Offer-in-Compromise program may offer the assistance you need. Also known as the OIC program, it allows individuals who qualify for tax relief to settle their debt for a negotiated amount with the government. For tax relief help in NY, call Pablo F. Sanchez, CPA, CGMA today.

Securing an Offer in Compromise (OIC) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be an uphill battle, because the conditions to qualify are so strict. Every year, tens of thousands of OICs are filed, but fewer than 45% are accepted. In order to maximize the likelihood of approval, assistance from a Certified Public Accountant CPA is strongly recommended.

Pablo F. Sanchez, CPA can help you qualify for an OIC in NY-that is, to pay an amount less than the sum of back taxes owed. I have successfully negotiated multiple offers in compromises, obtaining favorable results; decreasing back taxes owed from $83,000 to $2,400 and $78,000 to just $400. To find out if you qualify for tax relief help through the OIC program, you can visit the IRS website and fill out the Offer-In-Compromise Pre-Qualifier form: If you qualify for tax relief, then contact the office of Pablo F. Sanchez, CPA, CGMA to schedule your consultation today at 718-489-9600.

Some topics you can expect from your consultation with Pablo F. Sanchez, CPA:

  • How the Offer In Compromise program works
  • Which of the various types of offers to use
  • Why tax compliance is so critical when considering an OIC
  • How the IRS calculates Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP)
  • What the role of the IRS allowable expenses is
  • How to maximize your client's chance of settling back-tax debt
  • What critical OIC-process steps to follow

Don't delay. Call today for tax relief help and secure an Offer-in-Compromise in NY.