Offering Insurance Broker Services in Woodside, NY

Get to know our insurance broker

Do you need insurance broker services in Woodside, NY? You can count on Victor Chiriboga - the experienced insurance broker at Pablo F. Sanchez, CPA, CGMA. Victor started his career at the College of Insurance NYC campus. While in college he worked sales, working with Allstate from 2000 until 2012, where he expanded into commercial lines specializing in small to midsize businesses.

As an insurance auditor and broker, he sells everything from home, auto and life insurance to ground-up construction insurance and bonds. He can also examine policy and liability procedures, tax documents and other financial records. He has proven to be a strong asset to our firm as we strive to satisfy all our clients' financial needs.

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How our broker can assist you

If you have a construction or trade business in Woodside, NY, you need our insurance broker services. Our broker can help you get the coverage you need. You can take out a policy for:

  • Life insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Home and auto insurance

Many business owners come to us for help with workers' comp insurance. This insurance protects contractors, carpenters, electricians and all kinds of workers by providing medical, disability, survivor, burial and rehabilitation benefits to those who are injured or killed due to a work-related injury. No matter how small your site or project is, protecting and providing for your workers is a necessity.

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