We offer IRS and NYS audit representation in Woodside, NY.

What is an IRS Audit?
An IRS audit is a review/examination of an organization's or individual's accounts and financial information to ensure information is being reported correctly, according to the tax laws, to verify the amount of tax reported is substantially correct.

Your Rights During an Audit
Publication 1. Your Rights as a Taxpayer, explains your rights as a taxpayer as well as
the examination, appeal, collection, and refund processes. These rights include:

A right to professional and courteous treatment by IRS employees.

A right to privacy and confidentiality about tax matters.

A right to know why the IRS is asking for information, how the IRS will
use it and what will happen if the requested information is not provided.

A right to representation, by oneself or an authorized representative.

A right to appeal disagreements, both within the IRS and before the courts

Records Needed

You will be provided with a written request for specific documents needed. The law requires you to retain records used to prepare your return. Those records generally should be kept for three years from the date the tax return was filed. The IRS does accept some electronic records. If records are kept electronically, the IRS may request those in lieu of or in addition to other types of records. Contact your auditor in Woodside, NY to determine what can be accepted to ensure a software program is compatible with the IRS.